How many homes does Justin Bieber own?

Justin Bieber is a celebrity who can incite both fanaticism and deep loathing, depending on the person. However, despite the vocal opinions of people on both sides of the Bieber debate, it’s impossible to ignore his large degree of commercial success.

The pop icon was discovered at age 13 when a manager stumbled across a Youtube video of the then-unknown child performing in a talent show. Bieber was eventually flown to America, mentored under Usher, and began a flourishing career including multiple live performances, several recordings and two films.

Bieber earns around $300,000 for every concert appearance in addition to royalties from album sales, merchandise and celebrity endorsements. A two-year advertising contract with ProActiv, an acne cream, earned him $3 million. Altogether he ranks as the 2nd highest-earning celebrity under 30, with an annual income of around $53. While the pop star’s spending habits are also a matter of hot debate among fans, it is clear that he has plenty of money available.

How Many Houses Does Justin Bieber Have?

As with most other information about the singer, the number of homes Justin Bieber owns is a point of debate. There is a lot of conflicting information available from numerous sources, and it’s unclear whether he’s sold old properties or continues owning them. It’s also unclear, now that he is 18, which properties belong to his mother and which are his entirely. Overall, Bieber has lived in Ontario, Georgia and California.

Justin Bieber currently has two houses, one in Los Angeles and the other in Atlanta. The Biebers sold their family home in Canada in order to move to the United States to begin Bieber’s career, although they do travel back to Ontario frequently. When in Canada, Justin Bieber stays with his grandparents.

While it’s hard to track down details on the Georgia home, it’s reportedly the same as Usher’s four-story mansion. If that’s the case, the house would be around 12,000 square feet and have six bedrooms. Much more popularized and celebrated is Bieber’s newest purchase, a $10.8 million home in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles mountain is currently being rented by Ashton Kutcher for $50,000 a month. Bieber purchased it as a birthday gift to himself for his 18th birthday and can move in once Ashton moves out. The house is built primarily from steel and glass, looking very modern and distinctly Californian. It has five bedrooms and 9,400 square feet of living space, in addition to the spacious deck and pool.

The house is also poshly decorated with modern-style furniture, chandeliers, moving glass walls and state-of-the-art electronics. It also presumably has enough garage space to house Bieber’s expensive vehicles as well as the automobiles and belongings of his girlfriend, fellow pop-star Selena Gomez.

There are some rumors that Justin Bieber plans to buy a second house in California for his mother to live in. Prior to purchasing this home, he had been living in a Los Angeles condo that his mother gave him on his 17th birthday. Presumably the condo is no longer being used, although it’s not clear that he’s gotten rid of it yet or if he plans to.

Spending Habits of the Rich and Famous

It makes sense for a celebrity to purchase a massive house. Aside from the obvious levels of ostentation, a mansion provides plenty of room for a celebrity’s entourage to live and work. Celebrities often require bodyguards, maids, chefs and other personnel, and it’s much easier to maintain that sort of lifestyle in a house with plenty of room.

Nevertheless, many people have raised a brow at Bieber’s spending. He would not be the first pop idol or teenage celebrity to squander too much money away on frivolous purchases, and if he does not continue to enjoy his current level of success, he will quickly be outpaced by his expensive lifestyle. In the current housing market, a massive manor is unlikely to sell for a fraction of its worth, if at all. Real estate is not the same investment it once was.

Of course, most of the newly wealthy in the country have had to make a few financial mistakes. It’s likely that someone with some financial sense is standing behind Bieber, providing some guidance about his purchases. It’s up to Bieber to decide how to spend or invest his money, and time will tell if he’s able to maintain his luxurious lifestyle or if his reach will exceed his grasp like so many celebrities before him.