New Mortgage Rules For 2014

Buying a home is the single largest purchase most people make in their lifetime. Because the price of most homes exceeds the cash savings of most people, consumers look to mortgage lenders to help them make the dream of buying a home a reality. In the past, it was easier to qualify for a mortgage. […]

New Mortgage Form in 2015

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau‘s revamped mortgage form paperwork scheduled to take effect in August 2015 is intended to make the application process for mortgage loans less rigorous for borrowers. Its actions directed by a mandate from Congress, the CFPB states that the new mortgage forms are meant to ensure that the costs and terms […]

Locating the Funds for a Mortgage Down Payment

One of the most common reasons people give for not buying a home is their lack of money for a mortgage down payment. Fortunately, for people who desire to one day become homeowners, there are a variety of assistance sources that they can use to help with the cost of a down payment. Usually, these […]

Mortgage Decline

The Great Recession cut deep into mortgage activity, new home construction, and residential sales causing a dramatic mortgage decline. Most housing markets have not yet recovered from the financial assault of the foreclosure crisis even though there are a few hotspots around the United States with healthy buying activity. Recent data detailing mortgage activity in […]